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At Bains Barristers, we believe there are no strong or weak cases; just cases whose challenges must be overcome. We bring the same intensity to so-called simple cases as we do to the most complex. This naturally follows from our clients' most common instruction: that a finding of guilt is unacceptable.

The infrastructure of our firm is crafted with the sophistication necessary to achieve consistent success in our cases, which often require special expertise and skilful investigation.

As a modern law firm, we use the latest technologies and approaches to criminal and quasi-criminal defence litigation. Our lawyers, investigators, paralegals, students and staff are keenly aware of new developments in any field which will assist in the representation of clients, in an ever-changing world.

We honour the noblest traditions of our profession by approaching our work fearlessly and with integrity. Our students learn by example that the cornerstone of our practice is spirited and effective advocacy while never surrendering responsibility and credibility.

The core of our practice will always remain the passionate defence of all clients who retain us to help them, no matter what they are charged with. Many of our cases involve the defence of alleged homicides, multi-million dollar frauds, and drug trafficking, as well as, alleged offences under other statutes such as Securities, Environmental, Income Tax and Competition Acts. We are also retained as Counsel on inquiries, including Coroners' Inquests. We represent, as well, clients who face all manner of other charges, from driving offences to theft. One thing all of our clients have in common is that no matter what they are charged with, a finding of guilt would be a tragic consequence.

We represent clients throughout Ontario, other Canadian Provinces, and the United States, where we are regularly retained as Counsel.



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